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The unique anatomy of a Depoche watch

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The pocket watch is the most iconic symbol of time that we know of. This is evident from its importance in the history of horology, as well as its numerous appearances in popular culture. As the first wearable watch it is also the predecessor to the wrist watch. With this in mind we naturally put a great amount of care into the design of our first pocket watch collection.

Depoche watch on desk

During the design process of the Depoche Pocket collection our focus was to honor the heritage that comes with the pocket watch while bringing something new to the table. We wanted to put out a product that would distinguish itself among its more traditional peers. A collection of pocket watches that signal both timeless elegance and a modern edge.

Depoche watch black on desk

The most apparent feature of our take on this iconic timepiece is its simplicity. The subtle lines of the case come together to form a clean and elegant front. 

Contrary to the front, the back of the case has been rounded in two phases. This allows the watch to fit elegantly into any pocket, easy to both submerge and retrieve. Our signature flat front glass adds to the simplicity and sleek appearance.

Depoche silver in hand on

While being one of the thinnest pocket watches on the market the stainless steel casing lends the watch a distinct weight.

The dial has been stripped of any superfluous features in order to direct all attention to the essential function of telling time.

The chain length is an ideal 300 mm making it possible to wear in the pocket of your trousers as well as in your waist coat or blazer pocket.

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