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Trench watch origins

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The trench watch is the, not so well known, step between pocket and wrist watches. It was formed out of necessity during the first world war. Up until that time, the pocket watch had been the premier time keeper worn around the world. During the war, easy access to your watch was accentuated by the need to coordinate while having your hands full. The first mass produced trench watches very much resembled a pocket watch with thick lugs for the strap. Early accounts even show that people soldered lugs onto their existing pocket watches to create a type of improvised trench watch.

At Depoche, we have taken the basic design of our Pocket collection and added lugs for the strap to honour that type of improvised trench watch. Our trench watch is quite light which in combination with comfortable straps makes them easy to wear everyday.

Looking for more than a basic wrist watch? Distinguish yourself with a trench watch.

Our trench watch comes in silver and black with four different straps to choose from.

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