What is sophistication?

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Listening to classical music, owning a library card, recognizing art. Apparently these are all activities that make us feel sophisticated, at least according to a study of 2000 people who were asked to list their most refined traits.

At the top of the list - going to the theater. Other entries on the list include eating with chopsticks and reading a book before going to bed. You can view the entire list here.

While we can certainly agree on some of the aforementioned activities (who hasn´t struggled with the dreaded ”quinoa” pronouncing) we strongly believe that sophistication is a most subjective state of mind. What is clear, however, is that garments and accessories have long played a key part in many people's quest towards feeling more refined.

To help you with this we offer a unique set of products. Pocket watches with a modern edge, reintroduced for the sartorialists of today. A watch for the sophisticated wearer, which we hope will guide you on your own quest towards feeling more refined!

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